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NMS products cover the following industries: stone, metal, mining, coal and chemical industry, energy road, transportation and construction resource recycling, environmental engineering.


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  • WF phosphate rock

    WF phosphate rock

    In the bidding for the purchase of crushing and screening equipment, nanchang mining machinery is in fierce competition with the same brand. The user decides to choose nanchang mining machinery as the crushing and screening equipment supplier by investigating the application example of nanchang mining machinery, visiting the factory and communicating with the company's technical staff.

  • Mountain project

    Mountain project

    Shenshan project is divided into three major parts: mining and ore processing system, logistics corridor project and wharf project. After ore blasting mining, it is transported to ore processing system through ore chute and pingdong, and finished mixture is transported to wharf storage yard through logistics corridor. After screening and classification, it is shipped by ship loader for export

  • Case of SXHL mining co., LTD

    Case of SXHL mining

    SXHL mining co., LTD., located in xixiang county, hanzhong city, shaanxi province, mainly produces crystalline phosphorous iron ore mining and deep processing. Annual output of iron powder 320,000 tons, 80,000 tons of titanium powder, XX county is the key construction project. Designed by XA metallurgical design and research institute co., LTD., it processes raw ore of 2 million t/a, open-pit mining, raw material particle size of less than 1000mm, final crushing product particle size of 12 -- 0mm≥95%, and the construction is completed and put into production in 2017.